California Rental Agreement Application

At the time of the application, the owner has the right to know who will share the unit with the principal applicant. The rental application must at least question the name and relationship of potential roommates with the applicant. This information helps an owner determine if the occupancy conditions in the unit are being met. In the state of California, there are two people per room and one additional tenant. No fee should be charged to a rent applicant unless he or she is seriously considered a potential interested party. You can make a customer screening report of the Landlord Studio app that costs the tenant $35. That is the tax that people talk about when they refer to rent application fees. On a rental application, a landlord should ask if the tenant has pets and, if so, what type of animal he is, what breed is and how much he weighs. The California Rental Application Form is often used by a landlord or property management company when looking for a viable candidate for available rent. This document will help a candidate present their information in one place, which will simplify the candidate`s application process. In addition, a defined form effectively facilitates an examiner`s assessment process.

Because of the sensitive nature of the information that a potential tenant is required to provide, an easily recognizable document of a specified format provides a level of security for a lessor to protect confidential documents and for an applicant to see such information. The California example of the rental/rental application describes below a request from the potential tenant to the landlord, “Douglas S Woolfolk.” The app gives Douglas S Woolfolk valuable data on the potential tenant, including biographical information, stay history and sources of income. Rent applications are proof of a good work ethic and this is the first step to becoming a successful homeowner. In the state of California, homeowners are also prohibited from asking questions about immigration or citizenship status on the rental application. At the time of application, the owner must request information about all others who share the property with the main residence. At the same time, you have evidence to support your decision-making process. An applicant can sue a lessor if he or she feels that his application has been wrongly rejected, so it is better to be safe than to deplore it. Registration fee (Cal. Civ. Code No. 1950.6) – Owners could initially charge a maximum screening fee of $30.

This amount can be adjusted annually with the consumer price index. From February 2020, the maximum registration fee will be $52.46. Landlords have the right to ask detailed questions about the former residences of a potential tenant. The rental history of the rental application must ask for the following information: A rental application serves as a useful document for the owners in order to show that you have carefully and carefully checked all interested parties, so that you can choose the most qualified interested.