Uk Free Trade Agreement New Zealand

We have now moved closer to an ambitious and far-reaching free trade agreement with one of our longest-standing friends. A free trade agreement with New Zealand can generate investment, better jobs, higher wages and more affordable prices, when we need it most. Both negotiating teams acknowledged the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves and reaffirmed that greater global trade is essential to support the economic recovery from Covid. The negotiations took place virtually and were the subject of a wide range of discussions on the areas of a trade agreement. The New Zealand government, including customs, has been closely monitoring the evolution of Brexit to ensure that our country`s interests are safeguarded and encouraged. We have worked at all levels with decision-makers in the UK and the EU, particularly on trade and economic issues. New Zealand`s goal was to ensure that we minimized disruption to New Zealanders affected by ions. In an interview with Times Radio, Peters said the “recipe” for a deal “could have been practically signed” already.” “DIT is focused on safeguarding free trade agreements that ensure benefits for every region and nation in the UK, and discussions are ongoing.” The UK is in parallel in talks with other competing export markets, including Australia. If these countries enter into agreements that deviate from what has been agreed with New Zealand (including different tariff reductions or other non-tariff hemissie agreements), this could have repercussions for New Zealand exporters. It is currently negotiating a trade agreement with Brussels, while pursuing agreements around the world, including with the United States and Japan. Both sides stressed their commitment to swiftly conclude a quality, comprehensive and inclusive trade agreement.

“New Zealand and the United Kingdom enjoy close relations, including strong trade and economic relations, shared values and traditions and a common history. A free trade agreement will be another important step in this relationship. “We have moved closer to reaching a comprehensive trade agreement to boost trade and investment between our like-minded economies. At present, the UK is unable to conclude its own trade agreements during the 11-month transitional period following its withdrawal from the EU in January. As a member of the EU, the UK was automatically part of some forty trade agreements concluded by the EU with more than 70 countries. “We think we are absolutely fit and ready to go – we only need the British to realise that you can make more than one trade deal at the same time.” Truss` counterpart in New Zealand, David Parker, wrote last week in a comment published in the Times that, in her view, the business relationship “does not follow the rest of our relationship.” New Zealand and Britain officially began free trade negotiations today. Negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EU and New Zealand will continue after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU without the UK. .