Wageningen University Internship Contract And Learning Agreement

2 Learning outcomes The internship is part of the program in which you improve your personal, professional and academic skills. At the end of the internship, you are expected to at least be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies; – think about the planning practice you are participating in during the internship; – improve the performance of certain professional skills; – work independently and with a sense of organization; – expand your professional network. To achieve the general achievements mentioned above, you need to formulate your own specific and personal achievements in an interview with the Internship Coordinator of Wageningen University and the head of the host organization. You should discuss how you can train and get feedback on your learning outcomes. These specific achievements are part of the internship contract and the apprenticeship agreement of Wageningen University. Special conditions You must be officially subscribed as an MSc student at Wageningen University. How do I find an internship? There are two ways to find an internship. You can ask the land use group`s internship coordinator if they can offer you some internship opportunities. Another possibility is that you find an internship project or internship opportunity yourself and request permission from the internship coordinator of the land use group. In both cases, part of the learning process is to organize all the agreements with the host organization yourself (see checklist for organizing an internship).

Here you will find an overview of Wageningen University`s internship projects. Supervision During your internship, you will have two supervisors. The internship supervisor (on behalf of the host organization) will accompany you in your work activities and give you his opinion on your performance. The supervisor on behalf of the host organization has preferably obtained a university degree. In addition, you will have a coordinator from Wageningen University (WU) with whom you will need to schedule at least three contact times. 1. Kick-off meeting The kick-off meeting allows a first contact between the student and the wu internship coordinator. The meeting must be scheduled before the start of the internship. Students are asked to clarify what they want to achieve by completing an internship, e.B formulate learning outcomes to formulate (design) learning outcomes. The student is encouraged to bring their own suggestions about internship opportunities and related activities to the meeting. The coordinator provides advice on the proposed practicum and learning outcomes. 2 PEP Activity 495: COMPLETED INTERNSHIP CHECKLIST 1.

Participation in UNM seminars 1st week 5th week 16th week 2. Completion of the internship form 3. Completion of Form 4 for construction site acceptance. . . .